As the name defines “Organic” means “Natural.” Isn’t it strange that a cleaning service named as “Organic”?

Well, NO. It’s not strange for us.

We are providing cleaning services by using products, made of organic substances like vinegar, baking soda, salt and a lot more. Our products wash the carpets, rugs and other things deeply and effectively. We offer cleaner, safer and healthier cleaning. No residue or sticky stain left on the fabric, once you use these products.

For more than a decade, we have been providing an impressive cleaning service that is safe for our planet. We avoid the utilizing of chemical products because they are not suitable for fabric, kids as well as the planet. Delicate fabric of carpets becomes hard and dull. Furthermore, kids and pets suffer from allergy due to use of these toxic products.

By organic cleaning, our expert cleaners  protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria. It is our approach to sustain your wellbeing. You will experience a pleasant aroma in your home, if you use our organic cleaning products. Also, we provide flexibility in our cleaning service just to make you comfortable in your home. At last, we are proud to say that we are contributing in preserving our Earth. Our expert cleaners share organic  home cleaning tips  and practices, so that our Earth can become a better place to live.

Philadelphia Rug Cleaning has a goal that is to promote the eco-friendly cleaning service in the entire world and we start this from Philadelphia. You can also contact our experts and get some useful organic cleaning tips without any extra charges.