According to a survey, 80% of dirt and dust can be found on upholstered furniture. Couch, sofa, chair and other items are also having food crumbs, stains & spots that give a dull and faded look to your home. Due to this lacklustre furniture, you have to face embarrassment. Now, no more awkwardness as “PHILADELPHIA RUG CLEANING” is present at your service. We are master of upholstery cleaning and protect your furniture from unwanted elements that can vandalize its beauty.


We ensure that you always get the best, so from vacuuming to drying, at every phase, our experts use modern technology and equipments. For soft furnishing, steam cleaning is used to effectively clean each thread of fabric. It also deeply washes all the sturdy stains from the upholstery fabric.

Our refreshing cleaning service provides a safe and healthy environment for your home that is optimal for both, kids as well as pets. We say our cleaning “healthy” because only organic products are used by expert cleaners. They also give a protection to your family from harmful bacteria and viruses.

If your upholstery has wear and tear issue, then we can also resolve it easily. Experts, with their years of experience will affix this issue and make it alluring. Problems like sanitizing or de-odorization is also removed from your expensive furniture. Thus, for us, your reputation and happiness matters a lot.

For any query, you can contact our experts. Even, they can also give you useful advice on  how to keep your upholstery clean for a longer period.