Water disaster can occur anytime. It can create a huge havoc in your home. All your expensive furniture could damage.  Your loved ones may suffer from huge problems due to this. In such situation, you need a trustworthy service that can help you even in the night also. One such reliable and staunch service is “Philadelphia Rug Cleaning.” We have a team of trained and knowledgeable water damage inspectors, who will detect the source of a leak or any flooding instantly. They also apply the best solution to deal with such an issue


Our experts treat each and every small or large leaks, so that mold and mildew growth can be controlled in your home. Such step also increases the wellbeing of your home as well as your loved ones. At Philadelphia Rug Cleaning, we extract the water from every corner of your home and in short duration. Our exclusive fleet help our experts to reach on time for your help.

Moreover, if we talk about our experts, then all of them are certified by IICRC, so they know how to deal with this water removal emergency. They are friendly and make you comfortable & relax in such situation. They use their modern equipments and years of experience to help you out.

Your safety is our priority. For this, we include the most adequate and exclusive solutions for restoring water damaged surface. By this, within a short timespan, you will enjoy in your safe and happy home.

Our mission is to help you in living a healthier life with cleaner carpets, furniture and flooring in an overall safer living environment. So, we are 24hrs available for you